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We offer several services to our clients. For more information on any of our services just call the branch closest to you using our contact page or enquire using our enquiry page. Below is a brief insite into what services we can offer you.

Personal Care
This is the provision of help with, or carrying out of bathing, washing, showering, hair washing, shaving, toileting including the changing/emptying of catheter bags, feeding and dressing.

Sitting Service
This is to provide company to your friend or relative. It provides comfort to them knowing there is someone there to help with anything, even if it is just to talk.

Domestic Help
This can be help with shopping, cleaning, pension collecting, meal preparation and washing.

Assistance with Medication
Our carers will aid the taking of medication (but cannot administer injected medication).

Enablement Service
This is where our carer will try and rehabilitate an individual to a level where they can take care of themselves again. It can be a lengthy process, but a worthwhile one, when an individual is free to live their lives without help again.

Night Sitting
We offer a night sitting service which can include night waking. This ensures an individual is ok through the night, that they get their required medication and taken to the toilet if necessary.

24/7 On Call Service
This is standard for all our service users. If at any stage you are in doubt about your health or situation, there will be a number to call. We will endeavour to be with you and ready to call an ambulance, providing access for the ambulance crew if required.

P.A.T test and Circuit Break Test
If you are in any doubt about the electrical appliances within the home we can provide qualified personnel to carry out these safety tests. This service is only for our service users and is not open to businesses but does come with a small additional fee. Please contact us to enquire on prices and details.

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Enquire - If you would like to enquire about our services you can either contact us or click here to fill out our enquiry form.

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